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African client visit to discuss BLS NPK fertiliser production line equipment

2020-06-02 11:15:59

In December 2019, one of our now valued African customers, Mr Mohamedvisited BLS to discuss our solutions for NPK fertiliser and Organic Fertiliser production line equipment. Mr Mohamed‘s’visit was hosted by the GM of BLS, Mr Steve Hou and our Senior Project Manager Mr. Menelaus Zhao.


BLS Group’s aim is to provide the best fertiliser equipment solution for our clients and guide them in the choice, installation and ongoing use of the equipment they purchase from us


Firstly, at our head office in Qingdao, we introduced Mr Mohamedto the history of our company, explaining how the Qingdao BLS group’s professional sales, design and technical teams have been committed to the manufacturing and supply of high-quality fertiliser production equipment for over 15 years, to satisfied clients across the globe. This was then followed by a visit to our factory to view the manufacturing of fertiliser production line equipment. Mr Hou explained the two main types of production lines, one for organic fertiliser productionline, and one for NPK productionline .The equipment viewed included cage mills, automatic feeding systems, rotary drum granulators, rotary drum dryers and coolers and associated equipment for a full fertiliser production line.


As a result of the visit, and Mr Mohamed’s confidence in the ability of the BLS group, our design team designed two production lines, based on the clients need and budget。Both sides hope the business relation between two companies shall be established through his visit.


BLS Group Qingdao welcomes all existing and potential clients to visit our head office and factory to discuss your requirements for fertiliser production lines. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your requirements